Todd and I could not be more excited to welcome our two babies into this world this spring/early summer. Our official due date is June 14, but have a feeling we'll see these little turkeys in May. It has already been a long story, but we welcome you to follow along for the last few months of this overwhelming experience! Thanks for joining! :):)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

3 Appointments

Hey All!!

Kept you waiting on the Tuesday update this week, sorry about that!!! We have had three very different appointments in the last two days. I'm going to jump right in.

1. Our Perinatologist told us that both babies are for sure breech, so C-section it is. Also, the cervix still looks good. This being said, they aren't going to look at it any more. This means I actually graduated from something...very exciting! He wants to skip next weeks appointment. Scary :)

2. I went over to Crawford Long to see my Cardiologist today. Echo and ECG, and all looks good. She is happy with the C-section because it is less work on the Aorta. So good appointment as far as she is concerned!

3. We stopped for a quick burger at Wendy's (new fries are great) and headed to our OB. This is where it took a little turn. All was fine from a cervix standpoint, but there is now a change in focus. Instead of focusing on the babies and preventing prematurity, we are now focused on my health. So, he said that he doesn't want me taking Terbutaline for my contractions any further. So basically, if I have 6 or more in an hour, I am headed for the hospital to have them stopped.

And to put it in perspective, I have taken a Terbutaline for the last two days.

So, along with these threatening Tornado watch and possibility tonight, we could be headed to Northside Hospital at any time. I will update my blog every day IF I go in, and in fact may start updating a little more frequently.

So, I'm glad everything is going well, and if I end up in and out of the hospital for the next two-four weeks, that is fine by me, just wish I could keep control of them at home still.

Alright, well I'm off, talk to you soon!!


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  1. Let me know if you need anything. I love reading the progress with the babies! Congrats!!!!