Todd and I could not be more excited to welcome our two babies into this world this spring/early summer. Our official due date is June 14, but have a feeling we'll see these little turkeys in May. It has already been a long story, but we welcome you to follow along for the last few months of this overwhelming experience! Thanks for joining! :):)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

So here we are....  Almost two years after my last post.  How has this last two years been?


Twins are amazing.  The hubby and I could not be more overwhelmed by the love we have for our young family.  Every day we are so thankful for the sweet faces that we were blessed with in 2011.  There have been so many tears of joy, hysterics and stress over the past two years, it would be difficult to discuss them all in one post.  So we will be coming forth with some of the colorful moments via a new blog, which will be launching tonight!  The new blog named Twin Little Ladies, and it should be entertaining if nothing else!

In the meantime, my words of wisdom for anyone having twins (and probably any first time mom)

1.  Have support people.  Without our family members who flocked like the wise men to Smyrna, we would have not came out of this with any morsel of sanity.

2.  Moms On Call.  The women who founded this company could not have known the amount of people who's lives would be improved by their presence.  The book is the ONLY one we went by, and it was referenced daily.  We also had a live consultation for which my hubby said he would have paid "$10,000".  It was reasonable, time efficient, and left us with twins who slept through the night at 8 weeks old.  Enough said.  For twins or first time parents this website will save you www.momsoncall.com .

These two items have gotten us through the last two years!

Feel free to forward our new blog on to anyone that may find our stories helpful or humerous....as I can promise they will be!  twinlittleladies.blogspot.com

I close with a couple of pics of our little ones, who have made every day of our lives brighter!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Finally an update!!

Wow! I never thought my blogs would cut off so quickly! But as I'm sure you all know, I went into the hospital on May 14 and the girls were born on May 16th.

Life has been a whirlwind since then. Allison lost weight, and left the hospital at 4.5 lb. So, when we got home I was very stressed about making sure she (along with Izzie) gained weight. We have done it successfully, as today Izzie weighed in at 10 lb, and Allie at 8.5.

Along with their birth, Todd has created an amazing website, where it is so much easier to post pictures of our growing girls. Also, there is a blog where we are documenting their milestones.

So for updates on us all, visit www.thegrowingwilsonfamily.com .

And to close out this blog, let me thank you all for your overwhelming support throughout the crazy pregnancy. I wouldn't have kept my sanity (mostly) without all of your encouragement.

Signing off!

Stacey, Allison and Isabelle

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Date is Set!

Two entries two days in a row! So, we had our last OB appointment this morning, and have planned for our C- Section!

Our beautiful girls will arrive on Wednesday, May 18, at 7:00am!!

We hopefully will recovery will go well for all three of us, and we'll get pictures posted as soon as possible. In the meantime I am hoping to just not go into labor prior to Wed!

Todd and I are over the moon that we made it this far, and can't wait to meet our beautiful little girls.

So farewell for now....next time this blog hears from us we will be in the hospital!!

The Wilson Family

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This morning I had my final appointment with Dr. Korotkin, my perinatologist. He has been amazing, and I am so thankful to have him as part of my team.

The more exciting part is finding out that we will be birthing these babies NEXT WEEK!! We don't know what day, but basically because of my heart they don't want to over stress me for an additional week. I can't believe that I may actually have two babies that could be tilting the scales at 6lb/piece.

At this point I am beginning to feel some changes that would build up to labor, and I'm hoping that these will be nice and slow so that I don't actually have labor before the c-section date. So laying down is the way to go!!

I do want to take some time to thank you all, and the amazing team of doctors and family members that have been able to assist me through this extremely difficult process. Todd and my parents, Pat, Larry, Betty and Ginny have been amazing to put their lives on hold to come spend weeks with me. And thank you all of my friends who have sent packages, and facebook notes, and visits, they have all touched my heart. Again, Todd and I have found that we have the best of friends and family around the country, and only hope that we can be there for you the way you have all been there for us.

And so you know everything that is going on here, we are installing hardwood floors on Thursday/Friday, so hopefully the girls will at least hold of until after that!

So, you should be hearing soon with a date for these little ones arrive, and then this blog will take on a completely different tone!!!

Much love to each of you,

Stacey, Allison and Isabelle

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Good to Go!

I honestly never thought I would get to this moment. I finally get to say that I am okay with going into labor!

Today is a big marker, 34 weeks. This means that under no condition will they stop labor if it starts. AMAZING!

After all of the excitement over the weekend, our two physicians spoke and decided they will not let me "go" any further than 37 weeks. So within 3 weeks, we'll be parents of two children!

They measured a little differently today, one was 4lb 10oz, and the other 5lb 8oz. I'm excited about both, but it makes me a little weary that their weights are so different, so I'm not tying myself to those.

Thank goodness for SB and GR, who met me at the ER with a wheelchair to help me up to my appointment. Standing up for more than 5 minutes or so is getting to be quite uncomfortable, along with sitting, or hanging in any position outside of laying on my precious Snoogle pillow.

So, the rest of our updates will probably be brief, until the "big day" comes!!!

Team Wilson is on the final stretch!!!

Hope all is well with each of you,

Stacey and the girls

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Visit to Northside


After being forbidden to take my old contraction medication, I started having contractions about every 15 minutes on the day of the Royal Wedding. They were on and off, but then got to about every 8 minutes, so I called my physician.

And off to Northside we went. We were placed in a beautiful Labor room, and were evaluated by a Nurse Midwife. She was quick to tell us that I was 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. This sent Todd and I into a tailspin. She basically told us we were "in labor".

The next step was to have them ultrasound the cervix to confirm. We waited about 2 grueling hours, and of course I'm thinking that things were going to move forward before we got down there.

So we finally get downstairs into to the ultrasound and BAM.....no change since last week. So basically the Midwife was wrong, completely wrong. There was no dilation at all. I can't tell you the relief that we felt at that point.

With two physicians, we decided to watch the contractions over night, and then home in the morning (Sat.). Also, they went ahead and gave me the steroids for the babies' lungs. But I think they felt that the contractions would die down, which they didn't. So every couple of hours the nurse came in to tell me she was calling the physician, and then would try a new medication, which barely effected them.

Sat. AM they scanned again and found that there was still no effect on the cervix. So basically they sent me home.

What is next? I am not to report back to the hospital until I 1) am in labor or 2) I come in for my c-section.

AND, they will not be doing anything to stop labor, so when these girls decide to come, that's that!!

I can't believe we are coming so close.....FREAKY!

I'll keep you posted!

Stacey, A and I

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

3 Appointments

Hey All!!

Kept you waiting on the Tuesday update this week, sorry about that!!! We have had three very different appointments in the last two days. I'm going to jump right in.

1. Our Perinatologist told us that both babies are for sure breech, so C-section it is. Also, the cervix still looks good. This being said, they aren't going to look at it any more. This means I actually graduated from something...very exciting! He wants to skip next weeks appointment. Scary :)

2. I went over to Crawford Long to see my Cardiologist today. Echo and ECG, and all looks good. She is happy with the C-section because it is less work on the Aorta. So good appointment as far as she is concerned!

3. We stopped for a quick burger at Wendy's (new fries are great) and headed to our OB. This is where it took a little turn. All was fine from a cervix standpoint, but there is now a change in focus. Instead of focusing on the babies and preventing prematurity, we are now focused on my health. So, he said that he doesn't want me taking Terbutaline for my contractions any further. So basically, if I have 6 or more in an hour, I am headed for the hospital to have them stopped.

And to put it in perspective, I have taken a Terbutaline for the last two days.

So, along with these threatening Tornado watch and possibility tonight, we could be headed to Northside Hospital at any time. I will update my blog every day IF I go in, and in fact may start updating a little more frequently.

So, I'm glad everything is going well, and if I end up in and out of the hospital for the next two-four weeks, that is fine by me, just wish I could keep control of them at home still.

Alright, well I'm off, talk to you soon!!