Todd and I could not be more excited to welcome our two babies into this world this spring/early summer. Our official due date is June 14, but have a feeling we'll see these little turkeys in May. It has already been a long story, but we welcome you to follow along for the last few months of this overwhelming experience! Thanks for joining! :):)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Good to Go!

I honestly never thought I would get to this moment. I finally get to say that I am okay with going into labor!

Today is a big marker, 34 weeks. This means that under no condition will they stop labor if it starts. AMAZING!

After all of the excitement over the weekend, our two physicians spoke and decided they will not let me "go" any further than 37 weeks. So within 3 weeks, we'll be parents of two children!

They measured a little differently today, one was 4lb 10oz, and the other 5lb 8oz. I'm excited about both, but it makes me a little weary that their weights are so different, so I'm not tying myself to those.

Thank goodness for SB and GR, who met me at the ER with a wheelchair to help me up to my appointment. Standing up for more than 5 minutes or so is getting to be quite uncomfortable, along with sitting, or hanging in any position outside of laying on my precious Snoogle pillow.

So, the rest of our updates will probably be brief, until the "big day" comes!!!

Team Wilson is on the final stretch!!!

Hope all is well with each of you,

Stacey and the girls


  1. So excited for you...34 weeks is awesome, time to celebrate!

  2. 34 is AMAZING!!! Yay!! I am happy to hear that they won't let you go past 37 weeks. They did that we me too and I think it's good. And Yay that the won't stop labor. That is VERY exciting!!! Great weigts by the way!! Way to go Mom!!!