Todd and I could not be more excited to welcome our two babies into this world this spring/early summer. Our official due date is June 14, but have a feeling we'll see these little turkeys in May. It has already been a long story, but we welcome you to follow along for the last few months of this overwhelming experience! Thanks for joining! :):)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Visit to Northside


After being forbidden to take my old contraction medication, I started having contractions about every 15 minutes on the day of the Royal Wedding. They were on and off, but then got to about every 8 minutes, so I called my physician.

And off to Northside we went. We were placed in a beautiful Labor room, and were evaluated by a Nurse Midwife. She was quick to tell us that I was 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. This sent Todd and I into a tailspin. She basically told us we were "in labor".

The next step was to have them ultrasound the cervix to confirm. We waited about 2 grueling hours, and of course I'm thinking that things were going to move forward before we got down there.

So we finally get downstairs into to the ultrasound and BAM.....no change since last week. So basically the Midwife was wrong, completely wrong. There was no dilation at all. I can't tell you the relief that we felt at that point.

With two physicians, we decided to watch the contractions over night, and then home in the morning (Sat.). Also, they went ahead and gave me the steroids for the babies' lungs. But I think they felt that the contractions would die down, which they didn't. So every couple of hours the nurse came in to tell me she was calling the physician, and then would try a new medication, which barely effected them.

Sat. AM they scanned again and found that there was still no effect on the cervix. So basically they sent me home.

What is next? I am not to report back to the hospital until I 1) am in labor or 2) I come in for my c-section.

AND, they will not be doing anything to stop labor, so when these girls decide to come, that's that!!

I can't believe we are coming so close.....FREAKY!

I'll keep you posted!

Stacey, A and I


  1. Time is a coming...I had a few false alarms too, so just keep going to the hospital and one of these times it will be the realthing. Each false alarm felt the same as when they told me I was really in labor, so don't fret and keep going, you are doing everything right!

  2. Thank you for the update. It's going to be absolutely wonderful to see you after so long in your home with your baby girls. God bless!